Thursday, November 1, 2007

I fully acknowledge the irony that I ended the last post with "I'll be here all week"

And now it's a month later. Anyway, I've got an update for you.

Due to circumstances more or less within my control, I am not accepting any more index card orders for the time being. Due to circumstances sort of but not really within my control, I have had to take some time off from the drawing racket. I have a good deal of cards in my queue, and I will most likely be working on those for the remainder of the year.


I will begin semi-regular updates as two weeks from now, as I work through the backlog I've accumulated. Once I'm more or less caught up, I will resume orders and things will continue as normal. I am also considering adding a crayon-free black and white option, which would be a bit cheaper than the standard choice.

Those of you who have yet to receive cards I've posted, I apologize for the delay in shipping. Be assured that I fully intend to fulfill my originally stated promise to fill all orders within five months, but no longer stand by my claim that "it'll probably be more like one or two months."

Thanks to everyone who has participated in and enjoyed, or at least not hated, this here little project of mine.


Joe Mathlete


Ty said...

The title of this blog entry should be 'fully' instead of 'full'

Joe Mathlete said...

... and so it shall be.

(proofreading is for suckers)

Thoughtful Review Guy said...

Thanks for the update!

/Martens said...

Gah. Curse you Joe Mathlete. My birthday is in two months, and my only request from my friends was as many "Joe Mathlete Index Cards" as I could get ahold of. I was hoping to take all of the cards my friends gave me and laminate them all together and frame them for my room.

Is there a way they can place orders, but just knowingly not expect them for a few months?

Jeff said...

Hey Joe, thanks for the update! Any chance of the card I ordered at the beginning of August being shipped out soon? It's the one of the Four Girls Jumping Naked in the Caribbean Sea.