Thursday, April 19, 2007

"Moby Dick appears on Jay Leno's show with Charo, a longtime Friend of the Whales"

This drawing may have scads of personal meaning for the person who asked for it, or they may have just been in the middle of a fever dream when they were requesting it. Regardless, I like Moby's eyebrows quite a bit.


mystkmanat said...

quick question- when you start accepting new orders again, how much do you think it will cost? this is urgent! please comment back!

Joe Mathlete said...

It's going to be just a silly amount of money, all things considered... At the risk of being a moneygrubbing douchebag, it's probably going to be between $10-$15.

It's not so much greed as a desire to lessen the work load. Also probably some greed.

mystkmanat said...

Oh Joe, no amount is too much for your priceless drawings.

*mutters* you greedy jerk

Dana said...

Well, that there is my whale. My idea. Which is mine. I would have paid the price of a Picasso or whatever for it. I will take it on Antiques Roadshow (e-bay is for commoners) and get bizillions of dollars for it.