Monday, April 23, 2007

"Tigger Kicks his Owner's Boyfriend Out of Bed"

Throws, kicks, whatever. The point is, if Tigger's pissed that someone's cutting into his snuggle time, he's going to be proactive about it.


Emewy said...

Let me preface this comment by saying I love your blog. But why is Tigger's owner some girl with black hair? Any fan of the Winnie the Pooh series knows that all the characters are the property of Christopher Robin, who has always seemed a little gay to me...effeminate, british kid who enjoys throwing parties and imagines that his toys (who are all male, except for mom Kanga)are living play things. Just my thoughts.

Brian said...

The answer is pretty simple. Christopher Robin enjoys playing dress-up, and has put on a black wig and a dress in order to spice up things between him and his boyfriend in bed. Sadly, this just makes Tigger mad.

Jeff said...

The Owner loved it. Thanks, Joe.