Tuesday, June 19, 2007

Holy crap I am so taking orders again

Things are still gonna be somewhat rocky for a little while; I just moved and have no internet access at home at the moment, and am still depending on the kindness of strangers for use of a scanner, but things are slowly beginning to settle down. My mailing situation is stabilizing, and it looks like I'm ready to start this whole shebang up again. Huzzah, right?

I did a minor revamp of the old order form page... You might notice a couple of slight differences, noticeably the price ($11.99). It's true that this is a rather significant increase over what it was when I stopped taking orders last month ($5.99), but it reflects both how much I genuinely think they're worth when you factor in how much time I put into each one and general awesomeness, and also how much I hope I don't get inundated with bajillions of requests. I'm working on developing a way to get 36 hours out of every day, though, so stay tuned.

Click here to read the specifics and get a card of your own, if you like. Remember to read the fine print on the order page before ordering, on account of I said so.

I've got a post office guy to help me with post office stuff now, too, so things will likely be far less moronic in that sense in the future. Can I get a hell yeah. Thank you.


Joe Mathlete

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