Monday, March 12, 2007

Marmaduke-Related Cards, Part Two

"Marmaduke biting the hand of God" (If you're wondering why God's hand is purple, just remember that He works in mysterious ways, and also works with his hands a whole lot. So we're probably not meant to know why his hands are purple. Or at least you're not)
"Marmaduke mauls Family Circus" (note: I stole the Marmaduke caption from this guy, an early fan of the Marmaduke Explained thing who sent me a very nice email that I never responded to because at that point I thought it was very bizarre that anyone was actually paying attention to my stupid blog about a comic strip. Sorry, man)

"Marmaduke. Clifford. Deathmatch." (Clifford would probably win. He's three stories tall, for pete's sake)
"A rugby team eats Marmaduke" (that'll teach him).

Finally, someone asked me to draw "Marmaduke f**king owner-man from behind, but owner-man should be smiling, not frowning." If you really want to see what I think that looks like, I guess you can click here, but it's totally up to you. Not anywhere near my finest moment.

For Part One (and some context): CLICKY CLICKY


S.C. said...

The purple hand of god wouldn't have anything to do with Year Zero, would it?
Disregard this if you don't know what I'm talking about. It's a lengthy explanation.

rubber cat said...

Marmaduke mauls Family Circus is pretty much the best thing ever