Friday, March 2, 2007

"All your hopes and dreams"

This one might need some clarification:

1. I would do other things with the time machine, of course. But the only real pressing task would be to go back to 1995 and have sex with Maura Tierney on the set of NewsRadio (she played Lisa Miller, the overachieving news director).
2. The date doesn't have to do with her age or anything. It has EVERYTHING to do with the availability of the NewsRadio set, which is very important to my... hopes and dreams.
3. Should I actually ever receive a time machine, I'm not expecting to simply waltz back to the set of NewsRadio circa 1995 and just start having sex with Maura Tierney. That's not how these things work... I'm going to romance her. Naturally.
4. If Maura Tierney is reading this (maybe she's a fan, or maybe she googles the hell out of her name on a regular basis): the NewsRadio set is not at all a dealbreaker. Feel free to email me and we can talk schedules.


It's Me! said...

You might have better luck if you said that Lisa Miller was a reporter. Dave Foley's Dave Nelson was the news director.

Of course you could be working an angle by inflating Lisa's position due to the boss switching plot runner. Not exactly like spouse swapping, the boss switching episode (inspired by Who's the Boss?, the Tony Danza "vehicle") led to a series of madcap hilarious episodes nominated for no Emmy's.

However, I think she'd see through that scheme. No, I think Lisa Miller--and by extension, Maura Tierney (since all actors and actresses mirror the traits of the characters they play) would appreciate factual accuracy. If you can work some Math in to the equation, you'll be on easy street for sure.

Good luck!

birdmanesq said...

My god, you are a true genius.