Wednesday, March 21, 2007

Joe Mathlete says "Hi"


So when I began this project, I didn't have many expectations. Among the expectations I didn't have:

1. I would end up having this many people asking (/paying hard-earned money to) me to draw them things.
2. That drawing things on index cards could take so much goddamn time.

As it stands, I've been playing catch-up since basically day one. It's been a complete and utter blast taking a couple words or phrases (even the Family Guy-style random assemblage of pop-culture references and wacky imagery) and translating them to silly little cartoon things (not to mention getting to indulge my inner toddler with crayons, which is as soothing and therapeutic as it is troubling to my parents*), and I don't intend to stop for a good long while. However, I find myself spending anywhere from 15 minutes to an hour on each card most of the time, especially if you count the multiple times per card I screw up and have to start over (they don't have erasable Sharpies yet, and I'm pretty terrible at drawing from a "technique" aspect), and the more orders come the further behind I find myself. It'd be one thing if this was my job, but then again, that would probably mean I would hate every aspect of this, and that can't happen.

Long story short, I'm going to stop taking orders for awhile as of right now, until I've drawn, colored, scanned, posted and shipped every single card I've got in my queue. I will continue updating this page with new cards, naturally; I've been averaging 10 cards a week or so, and I'll do my damnedest to keep that up. After I've whittled down the backlog, I'll put the paypal button back up, probably with a much sillier (read: higher) price than the four bucks I started off charging, to make sure I end up with a more discerning set of patrons (read: so I don't get swamped again).

Thanks for supporting this silly little endeavor of mine... It never ceases to amaze me that people are interested in how I goof off. For that I am eternally grateful, even when that attention leads to my having to be somewhat responsible in my goofing sometimes.


Joe Mathlete

*: I'm speculating here. I can't imagine that any parent is especially encouraged when their grown son announces he's bought six packs of crayons and is going to spend the weekend coloring for people from the internet.

(This is a few years old... I crack me up)


GeoX said...

Oo oo ooh! Is "Friday" his horse's name?

Harv & Nat said...

poop. i had a good one for ya. I'll wait till you have time!

k.t. strasse said...
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k.t. strasse said...

hey joe
i'd like to see the marmaduke from 3/18 on marm explained. that would make me really happy.