Thursday, February 1, 2007

"Two Rock 'n Roll Unicorns bring down the house at karaoke" (for Amanda Glasbrenner)

I couldn't decide whether they were singing "Total Eclipse of the Heart" or "Jellybones."

(By the way-- If you'd rather I not use your names on these, do let me know... I've been going with whatever Paypal gives me, but if you asked for "Hitlerpenis Rainbowjism Kablooie," and your parents or employers ever Google you, I would understand)

(Also by the way-- Please nobody ask for "Hitlerpenis Rainbowjism Kablooie." I've done that before, and once was enough)


Amanda said...

As the requester, I can verify that they are singing "Total Eclipse of the Heart." Thank you!

Boulos said...

As the second Rock N' Roll Unicorn, I can say good call w/ "Total Eclipse"! Thanks so much, this is awesome!