Thursday, February 8, 2007

"When something is so awesome it gives you a 'soul boner'"

Yes, that is a soul boner coming out that guy's ears, not soul ejaculate. My religion forbids me from drawing soul ejaculate.

"Soul Boner" and/or "Soul Ejaculate" would be great names for a band. Somebody get on that post-haste.


Tanya said...

I heart kittens. but what would they say?

Joe Mathlete said...

I have no idea, but I'm quite certain it would be indescribably cute. Also they would most likely have adorable little speech impediments and British accents.

* said...

Thank you so much for the drawing. It's on my nightstand, and I look at it every night before i go to sleep.

grace said...

this has been my dream for quite some time. it's as if you read my mind. this would most definitely give me a soul boner.

p.s. i often fall in and out of speaking in british accents. it's from a phase of nonstop watching the office (bbc).

did we meet in another life?