Wednesday, May 9, 2007

"Me not getting laid again"

This one was sort of ambiguous. In response to the "What would you like Joe Mathlete to draw for you on an index card?" he put "Me not getting laid again." I wasn't 100% sure who the "me" referred to... Me-me, or him-me? It was a tough call, but I eventually went with depicting someone else.... If I had drawn me-me not getting laid again, the picture would have been a duckling at a desk coloring furiously, a wastebasket overflowing with crumpled index cards next to his feet, with a thought bubble saying "I'm so clever!"

But I drew this instead.


Sammy said...

haha online rpg players are nerds...

i may like comics but at least i get laid on a regular basis... :)

you should draw the nerd scale:

--- line between cool and nerdy --
Comics (marvel/dc/not newspaper)
General Sci Fi Fans
Star Wars
Star Trek
Online Game Players

See they are at the bottom of the charts in not cool factor. IE Immature Acne Ridden Virgins.

kbryna said...

you handled this one with your usual grace and panache.

(god, i just LOVE using the word panache!)

Sasha said...

Just for the record, "cool" kids can play online games too..Me and my friends played one for almost two years together, it was a great way to stay close while we all went seperate ways at college...none of us are overweight, "acne ridden", "immature" nor "virgins".
I think someone who's so insecure about how cool they are that they instantly have to bash others, just over a humorous picture, are the ones who are "at the bottom of the charts in not cool factor".

Joe Mathlete said...

On that scale, I have at one time or another in my life been an enthusiast of comics and online RPGs... Nothing else. D&D was before my time, Star Trek was boring, and the Star Wars kids at school scared me. I've never heard of a person called "General Sci Fi" (I'm assuming he's the leader of some sort of nerd army?), so I can't call myself a fan of him or his work.

So maybe it's a circle or something, not a straight line?

Sammy said...

i was being fescetious...

have you not seen the south park world of warcraft episode?

id consider general scifi like battlestar galactica and stuff that comes on scifi that isnt as branded as star wars or star trek.

and it was in reference to people who LIVE online...

colin bones said...

Reading pictures with words doesn't make you a nerd but reading ones about superheroes does, no matter how much you get laid.