Wednesday, May 16, 2007

This blog is going on a very short vacation

For just like a day or two, on account of my scanner being fucked up. I will figure out a solution very soon in the form of fixing, purchasing, borrowing, stealing, or some combination thereof.

In unrelated news (other than, y'know, it has to do with me drawing index cards), I will resume taking orders on Monday, June 11, the Yeare of our Lorde 2007; mark your calendars and start thinking of what you would like to have immortalized on a 3x5 inch piece of cardstock.


Anonymous said...

If you can find/afford it I highly recommend the Epson Perfection 3490. Scans at to 6400x3200dpi, and has this cool little tray for developing film negatives. Mine is about a year or more old and it's served me quite well.

In the meantime enjoy the break.

mtgilchrist said...

Not to bother you on your vacation or anything, but how the hell do you send emails/requests/orders to you? I may only be a lowly online film critic, but I am afraid I don't understand the interwebs well enough or maybe just see the damn link where I can write and say I want to see "Me Karate Chopping Ashley Judd As She Gives Her Stupid Dogs A Bath" (long story by the way). Anyway I really love your site and basically want a freakin' t-shirt with that pic you drew of Marmaduke attacking Family Circus, which may be the funniest thing I've read in at least three weeks. Thanks!

Tracy said...

Joe isn't currently accepting orders, which is why you, a lowly online film critic, cannot find the damn link where you can send your silly request. Joe will resume taking orders on the 11th of June, as he explained in the post on which you commented.

Chael said...


The Mayor said...

"A couple of days" usually means 2 or 3. Not to sound like your mom, but what the hell? It's been 12 days. Get your act together young man, or you are outta here.
Just kidding my sweet sweet treasure.

Jesse said...

Personally, I'd like to see Beetle Bailey go on a rampage across the comics page, killing Cathy, Garfield, Hagar, and the entire cast of Family Circus before turning the gun on himself.

Joe Mathlete said...

Yeah, I really have ended up taking liberties with the "couple of days" thing, huh?

Sorry about that... Figured I'd let y'all know what's up. Due to a buncha things, and also some stuff, I'm not going to be able to resume the updates until when I'd said I'd start taking orders, so check back here on June 11.

In the meantime, I would suggest searching on YouTube for footage of cats who have been toilet trained. It's breathtaking.